Why a short sale?

Approximately one out of every four distressed homeowners in America owes more on their home than it's worth.

In a difficult economy, many hard-working people are faced with a growing problem - they owe more in their mortgage than their home is worth and may be unable to pay. What they often don’t realize is that foreclosure can be avoided. We’re here to help.

myshortsale.com has helped past homeowners and we want to help you too!

Take control:

  • Choose your Move Date: If you live in your home, stay in your home during the short sale process. We negotiate with your bank to get you the time you need to relocate.
  • Get Paid to Sell: We negotiate with your bank to get them to pay you to sell your home and move. It doesn’t matter what you owe or what the house is sold for. We have gotten homeowners paid as much as $48,000.00! 
  • Get FREE Legal Representation; we work directly with a network of lawyer’s who will accept payment from the bank and never take upfront money from you.  
  • Postpone Foreclosure; we work with your lawyer, contact your bank, see where you are in the process and let them know you’re proactive, cooperative and plan on selling your home to avoid foreclosure. 
  • Become Mortgage Free: We negotiate with your bank to accept whatever your home is sold for as payment in full! 
  • Sell your Home: myshortsale.com is a New York State Licensed Real Estate Broker and will handle the sale of your home. Myshortsale.com works exclusively with homeowners pursuing a short sale, maintains a buyer data base, is a member of MLS and does not require a For Sale Sign be erected in front of your house.  
  • Signature Only: All that’s required is your signature! You’ll never write us a check.
  • Standby Listing: If you haven’t made the decision to move or you’re not ready, but you’re facing a foreclosure action then a standby listing is for you. myshortsale.com’s exclusive Standby Listing program moves you to the front of the line in case you find yourself suddenly facing an auction date and you must sell your home quickly.

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