Portfolio Recovery

If you need to liquidate your portfolio, congratulations…
You’ve located your best resource…

myshortsale.com offers a unique, robust and effective portfolio recovery program for institutional investors. myshortsale.com has significant experience, specialized strategies and the resources to provide timely resolutions for your portfolio, especially in judicial states.

State of the art software keeps our clients connected and informed up to the minute as myshortsale.com executes customized and proven plans to convert delinquent and uncooperative borrower’s into short sales and/or re-performing assets.

myshortsale.com offers a unique set of resources. Our full service negotiations platform is coupled with real estate agents trained and focused specifically on distressed homeowner resolution.



  1. myshortsale.com services:
    1. Negotiates all title encumbrances including; junior liens, judgments, violations, etc.
    2. End User- buyer platform to maximize return on habitable properties
    3. Registered Investor Program – All cash buyer network for uninhabitable properties
    4. Full service licensed real estate brokerage
    5. Full time transaction managers
    6. Full time Negotiators
    7. Chief Inventory Officer for direct communication with our portfolio partners
    8. Experienced and committed management team
  2. Homeowner outreach
    1. In house real estate agents
    2. Outside real estate agents “boots on the ground”
    3. National real estate agent network
    4. Door Knocking Team
    5. Private investigators
    6. Skip tracing and miscellaneous locating services
  3. Value add Professional Services
    1. Execution of rental assignments
    2. Full Service Property Management
    3. REO surveillance, management and disposition
    4. Broker price opinion
    5. Board up and secure
    6. Property inspection reports
    7. Timely repairs by licensed and bonded contractors 
    8. In-house legal team 


myshortsale.com delivers! References are available upon request.
Call our Portfolio Management Department today; 1-800-710-2574